New Home Building Inspection Services

Best New Home Building Inspection Services

When you are looking at a home or an apartment that you want to buy, you should call in building inspectors to review the condition of the building. You would require a building inspector for new homes to ensure that your home is secured and organized and you can make the right purchasing decision without paying additional charges for repairs in future.

Our professional team for new home inspections is committed to providing you with an unbiased, in-depth, and detailed inspection report on all of the components of your home or business, as well as maintenance tips that will help add value and longevity to your investment.

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There are times when they have underlying issues to work at like Drainage and grading issues, Structural defects, Window Leaks, HVAC issues, Plumbing issues, and Electrical Problems.

Bezt Building and Pest Inspections offers tailored new home inspections that include the inspection officers responsible for identifying missing pieces of hardware, insufficient insulation, and half-installed handrails.

How many Inspections are Needed?

You should have at least two or three inspections of the property. The first inspection should be the foundation for the new home inspections. This way, you can check the anchors and footing and make adjustments before pouring the foundation.

The second part of the new home inspections should be done when there is a pre-drywall inspection. This happens when the whole frame is built and before the sheetrock and walls are up. This way, they can check the wiring, plumbing, window flashing, and other elements. If problems crop up, then you should repair them after the inspection.

The final new home inspections happen when you have a resale property, and it ensures that your home is safe for occupancy and finished as per the local code and building standards. Anything else that your inspector finds on this inspection should be fixed by your building before closing the sale.

If you are looking at buying a home, then you should get a pre-purchase property inspection at Bezt Building and Pest Inspections.

What Should You Choose Our New Home Inspections Services?

  • Our team is licensed and certified to conduct a home inspection. We are committed to offers effective building inspector for new homes.
  • We use innovative tools for inspection to identify any type of security or maintenance issues.
  • You will receive a comprehensive and detailed report covering various aspects of the property.
  • We inspect and test the available appliances and inspect the exteriors and interiors of the house.
  • We offer services for new home inspections at a competitive price.
  • You can explore a range of customised home inspection services to cater to your housing needs and requirements.

You should get a pest inspection to check termite infestation with a termite inspection.

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