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New Home Inspections

Are you looking for a new house to purchase? Then why not consider building inspections for a new house? Inspections are carried out during various stages according to the Building Code of Australia and other quality standards.

BEZT Building and Pest Inspections has worked on thousands of successful building inspection projects and delivered unbiased and accurate results. The process of building inspections for new homes includes evaluating structure, defects, systems, and other essential features of a home.

In case there are any defects that could lead to future repairs, then our team will list the findings in the report. We are proud to present our team of structural engineers, architects, and building inspectors who will assess and evaluate the quality of the building structure.

Our service packages are designed in such a way that we provide flexible and customized solutions to our clients based on their level of urgency and type of inspection service selected.

With building inspections for new houses, you can negotiate with the seller or builder and save thousands of dollars on future expenses and fix any issues before you complete the purchasing process.

What do new home building inspections in Melbourne include?

At BEZT Building and Pest Inspections, our team is dedicated to carrying out an extensive and thorough inspection. We begin by identifying any potential structural defects, cracks, leaks, or grading issues. We also make sure that there are no existing HVAC or electrical problems. In case there are any missing appliances or improperly wired outlets, we include that in our findings.

From plumbing issues to leaks, we cover every aspect through our building inspections for new houses services.

Why choose us?

  1. Quality checks

We ensure a smooth transaction between the buyer and builder by providing an accurate and transparent report. We conduct fair pre-purchase inspections and provide a ready to understand report. Quality checks are performed during each stage of inspection so that we can verify our findings and provide relevant supporting material.

  1. Professionals

We have a team of professional builders, inspectors, and surveyors who understand the entire process of building inspections for a new house. Their job is not just limited to provide the clients with a property report but they know exactly what to assess and whether the property is worth purchasing.

  1. Tailored services

Our building inspections for new homes also include reporting about any specific issues such as pest infestation or structural deformation. We prepare a separate report stating the details of various issues. This gives our clients an opportunity to plan for future costs and identify areas that need repairing.

  1. Better deal

In case there is a potential issue or threat, you can get it fixed or repaired beforehand and negotiate for a better deal with the builder. We support our clients by helping them understand different type of house’s structural issues by submitting a formal report.

Contact us for a quote today and make an informed decision about purchasing your new home.

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