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Make sure that the next property you invest in is free of any types of defects or faults with Melbourne pre purchase property inspections. If you are planning to purchase a new property or home, then you need to know everything about the true condition of the property.

At BEZT Building and Pest Inspections, we bring a range of pre purchase inspections in Melbourne which our qualified inspectors conduct a visual inspection of your property. They have the skills to evaluate and examine the fundamental features of the property. On the basis of the initial assessment, a detailed and accurate report is prepared.

Why choose pre purchase property inspections in Melbourne?

Our team are dedicated to helping our clients make a well-informed decision regarding the new property purchases. We have designed customised inspection services with the objectives to identify potential or existing building defects. This way you can get an estimate of the future cost of repairs and identify areas that need immediate attention.

With pre purchase property inspections, you can establish a maintenance budget and negotiate with the property owner before making the final purchase.

Why consider a pre purchase home inspection?

By hiring structural engineers and building inspectors, you can address the potential building problems. Depending on the physical condition of the property, buyers can schedule a pre-inspection of the house to address potential problems before coming to a decision. It will help the buyers negotiate a better price and save their time and money.

BEZT Building and Pest Inspections have years of experience in offering tailored inspection services. We have assisted thousands of clients by preparing a comprehensive inspection report. Our pre purchase home inspection services are designed to provide buyers with well-researched information on the true value of their new properties.

Pre purchase building and pest inspection Melbourne

Explore our inspection services starting from $249. Our expert team of qualified inspectors will carry out a detailed assessment of the property in accordance with Australian Standards. We prepare an easy to understand report stating the current condition of every area of your valuable property.

A freshly renovated home can also cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance. Our inspectors utilise the most advanced technology to ensure that no area is left undetected. From inspecting the roof systems to fences, we follow a quality check process to complete each step quickly and efficiently.

Pre purchase building inspections in Melbourne is done on-time. We provide reliable solutions for building’s structural problems so that our clients can make a firm financial decision and plan for renovations and repairs accordingly.

Our team members will assist you with repair budgets. We take time to inspect the interiors and exteriors of the property to identify the major defects or structural problems.

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