Swimming Pool Inspection Services

What is it?Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Inspection

If you wish to purchase a new house with swimming pool, you must assess the safety conditions of the pool. A swimming pool safety compliance inspection will examine all the government prescribed regulations. This is equally important as you assess the rest of the house. A swimming pool is a bonus to a house,but a not-so-good pool is a money pit. It is highly critical to fully inspect a swimming pool. Get to know what is expected out of pool inspection gives you confidence and helps to make an informed decision to buy or not to buy.

Areas to be examined during pool inspection

The physical conditions of the pool structure, pool interiors and the deck.
The quality of the plaster, tiles, coping and decking
The equipment used like Pump, Filter and Heater
Any other accessories or features that the pool might have like pool with a spa, automatic pool cover, diving board or slide, infinity edge multi-color LED lighting or advanced sanitizing technology etc.

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